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Lisa DiSciullo

Parent Educator
W: 908-516-0831
Certified PEP Trainer

Parenting Matters!

Parenting Matters provides strategies that help parents resolve dilemmas. Whether it is:

  • Power struggles?
  • Constant need for reminding?
  • Battles over electronic screens or homework?
  • Sibling fighting?
  • Getting them to listen?

There is a better way to parent and to become the best parent you can be!. Through classes, workshops, and private coaching parents learn how to stop the yelling and start the cooperation, open communication, and develop and nurture respectful healthy relationships, while guiding their children to take responsibility for themselves and their lives.

The result is:

  • Competent, independent, resourceful children
  • Confident parents
  • Stronger families

Ongoing classes in the Summit, NJ area provide information and develop skills in a supportive environment. One session workshops and talks are also available for PTA/PTOs, Mom’s groups, schools, or other interested organizations.

Program Topics Include

  • Setting limits
  • Handling wars with chores
  • Fostering cooperation
  • Homework struggles
  • Developing responsibility
  • Encouraging your children
  • Building and keeping respectful relationships
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Being the parent you want to be

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What People Are Saying

Comments from class participants

"Thank you for opening my eyes to how to be a better parent. I am sure this will make a huge difference to our family."

"This class was amazing! It made me stop yelling!"

"A very helpful and informative class. The leaders were well prepared and encouraging."

"Great class-the textbook was full of good information... Felt that Lisa was a wealth of information and provided a lot of insight."

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