"Every child deserves Great Parenting & every parent deserves the Joy that Great Parenting can bring."



Lisa DiSciullo – Parent Educator

I have been a successful lifelong educator and trainer in many capacities: from computer, communication, and relationship skills in Fortune 500 companies, to respectful ways for parents to teach and develop their children, not to mention guiding and teaching my own 3 children to be capable, positive, independent and resourceful adults.

Outside of my work life I adeptly managed a dynamic and active family through an international move, construction of a custom home, numerous volunteer leadership responsibilities, and many life-enriching daily activities.

My breaking point was when one of my children was seriously struggling in school. When we consulted the experts and they recommended what I needed to do for my child, I said “That’s great, now what can you do for ME, because I feel like a failure as a parent, all I ever do is yell at my kids, if we continue this way not only will I fail, but my children will fail too!” I realized I needed better tools for parenting. I started taking classes, reading and studying, and after a while I decided to leverage my corporate training background and began to lead classes. The atmosphere in our home transformed from one of conflict to cooperation and I was calmer and more confident.

I found that by seeing my children as capable and allowing them to take responsibility for their lives, they were encouraged and willing to work together as part of the family team. I learned that by setting respectful appropriate limits, that my children felt more secure, cared-for and valued. I saw such a difference in the level of fulfillment in our family home that I committed myself to sharing great parenting tools with other parents that are striving for harmony or that may be disillusioned with how their families were “turning out.”

It is possible to stop the frustration and rediscover the joy in parenting well. You deserve it.

Every child deserves great parenting and every parent deserves the joy that great parenting can bring!


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