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My daddy is mad at me

I used to volunteer to sell lunch tickets in the lobby of my children’s school. One day a little girl in pre-k got dropped off and as she walked into the lobby where I was sitting, I noticed she was upset. I asked her what was wrong and she started to sob uncontrollably. She could barely get the words out, she said “My…daddy…is…mad…at…me…” through her sobs. My heart broke at that moment, and to this day when I tell this story, I get a lump in my throat. My heart broke not only for this little girl who was starting her day very upset and thinking that her father disapproved of her, but also knowing that I had been that parent. I had, more than once, been so frazzled making sure everybody was was up, dressed, had eaten, brushed their teeth, had their backpacks, had their shoes on and was in the car on time that I was angry and had yelled at my children before school. I started my day stressed and I was the reason they started their day stressed.

I am grateful now that our school had parent volunteers like me and teachers that could help my kids on those difficult days, and, that I found some help through parenting classes to help me be a better parent. I discovered a better mindset, good strategies, and calming support. Come to my Conquering Morning Mayhem workshop on December 2 and find out how you, too, can have better routines that help create more harmony and less stress for you and your family. You will have more days that start off right.



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