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Tips to relieve Back to School stress

Adjusted bed times, more structure, new routines, all of these can sound wonderful or horrifying. This can be a stressful time, here are a few suggestions to ease the transition for you and your children:

Give kids space to process

Sitting in a new classroom with a new teacher all day takes a lot of focus. Once kids get home after school they need a little chill out time. Resist the urgeĀ ask all those questions you are dying to ask and give them some space. Tune into when they are ready to talk and have the conversation then.

Focus on one thing at a time

Adopting new routines all at once can be overwhelming. Piling on new chores, responsibilities, and rules can push anyone over the top. Work on one thing at a time, give time for practice before introducing another.

Plan predictable uninterrupted time each day with each child if possible

Put down your phone and all other screens and spend time connecting. This gives them time to share their excitement and/or concerns with you as well as reinforces how much you love and value them.




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