"Every child deserves Great Parenting & every parent deserves the Joy that Great Parenting can bring."


Why Parenting Classes?

The world has changed over the last 50 years, our models don’t work anymore

Changing technology, less shared values and time to think and talk about them with our families, and a greater emphasis on achievement and less on the quality of character has put our children in a world where cheating, nudity, promiscuity, and violence are more prevalent and acceptable than ever. Positive, respectful parenting is essential to raising children that will thrive.

Get new ideas

Linda Jessup, the founder of PEP, states that parents with frustration and very high stress are frequently, simply “out of ideas”. They are bankrupt. Coming to classes with other parents inspires and offers new perspectives and strategies that work.

Connect to other parents who are facing similar challenges

Parents experience validation that they are not alone in their quest to be the best parents they can be and find support and valuable information.

Get answers

Classes allow for time to bring your specific scenarios in to ask what could be done differently.

Try new strategies

Behavior change doesn’t happen in an hour or two. It takes practice, feedback and continuous improvement. Experiential learning gives parents a chance to try a new strategy in the classroom, then go home and try it, and come back and report on how it went and what can be tweaked to improve. Classes with more than one session give continuity and a chance to improve over time.

Changes that last

Behavior change that occurs with small consistent shifts creates newer more effective habits that are more likely to last.

Too many books, too little time.

There are not enough hours in your day to absorb all the information out there in the books or in video clips on the Internet. That information will give you an idea or two, however, what’s needed is the idea, a plan to implement it, and the ongoing support to persevere through. We’ve compiled a proven approach that has helped thousands of parents create harmonious healthy family realtionships.


Classes provide a scheduled, committed time to focus on YOU, your family, and being the best parent you can be.


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Download "3 Ways to Restore Respect in Your Home" and get more free parenting tips